Monthly Archives: August 2009


In the juniper bushes near the de Young Museum Golden Gate Park Saturday afternoon *** San Francisco: The Suburban City Peek-a-boo; I see trees…glorious, glorious trees. And they are everywhere in San Francisco! OK, so maybe there aren’t so many on Taraval Street, but I do take great pride in this whole backyard thing we’ve […]


Orange Alley The Mission Tuesday, late afternoon *** Some things I’ve had in San Francisco: A Dream Actually, I don’t remember the dream. But I remember exactly what happened right after it ended. I sat up, turned to my girlfriend and said: “The thing to remember is that even though the fact that someone as […]

Troy and Shilpa

At the Thunderdome In Dogpatch Saturday afternoon *** Hello, my name is Troy. This is my beautiful wife Shilpa. We have lived in San Francisco longer than we haven’t and this is our story… It was a dark and stormy night. No, I’m just kidding…it was a cold and rainy early morning in March of […]


On a rooftop on Clay Street Lower Nob Hill Thursday afternoon *** San Francisco is a palette for the creative soul. As a writer, I revel in this tolerant characteristic. You can be whomever—or whatever—you choose, and no one will judge you for it. Rather, differences, imagination, innovative thinking, are celebrated. And no one is […]


St. Louis Place Chinatown Thursday afternoon *** My grandfather was a writer. Well actually, he was a cop in San Francisco for most of his career. But really, he was a writer. I spent hundreds of foggy San Francisco mornings with him throughout my childhood, flying kites at the Marina Green, buying breadsticks on Chestnut […]