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Inside the Climbing Tree Julius Kahn Playgroud, The Presidio Friday morning *** For most of my life, my world has been bound on one side by Laurel Village and on the other by the Presidio. I was born in Children’s Hospital, and was brought to my first home at Laurel and Clay, followed a few […]


In Osage Street The Mission Wednesday morning *** My San Francisco story includes at least two distinct chapters so far. In chapter one, for the first sixteen years of my life here, I sat in a room in the middle of the night, pushed buttons and listened to public radio programs. Five nights a week, […]

Gregory and Xeno

On the corner of 16th and Valencia The Mission Monday afternoon *** Xeno, Baby. Xeno was born in December, on the darkest day of the year. The air had that cold, damp, satiny gray brume that lets you know the North Pacific will be there far, far longer than any of us. Everything was still. […]


On the ruins of the Sutro Baths Outer Richmond Thursday morning *** I’m originally from Northridge, CA: a hot and dry valley just a few miles outside Los Angeles. Some people may call me a valley girl, cause I totally say totally like all the time. But, now I Live Here: SF! No longer the […]


In front of Congregation Adath Israel Outer Sunset Sunday afternoon *** Places don’t mean much. “Home is where the heart is,” right? Well, my heart is in my chest, and home is where I am. I’m happy here; I’m happy there. Don’t get me wrong; there are places I dislike. It’s taken me over a decade […]


Orange Alley The Mission Friday afternoon *** Somehow, after writing about this city on a daily basis, I find writing about my own life here oddly challenging. There’s no point in writing about how much I love the city, I obviously do, even since I was a little kid, watching 49ers and Giants games on […]


Somewhere on Page Street Lower Haight Thursday afternoon *** I Live Here, S.F. ~Brent Jordan As I close my eyes to breathe deep the cool morning air, I smile…I live here, S.F. Taking in oxygen which my body then transforms into inspiration that is pumped to every cell of my being leads me to take […]


The Lyon Street Steps Pacific Heights Sunday morning *** I bike here. My daily life without my bicycle and my coffee would be like a Martin Scorsese film without the music of the Rolling Stones. Riding a bicycle has done a tremendous therapy to the soul and moved my eyes through a myriad of wonderful […]


Off 20th Street In Dogpatch Monday afternoon *** Three big things happened to me when I moved to San Francisco: I found myself; I met the love of my life; and I got breast cancer. I find that my life is constantly changing since I moved to San Francisco. The story I’m writing today is […]


We met at the corner of Haight and Fillmore. I bought a Street Sheet from him. Around the corner on Fillmore, some young guys were painting a new mural on the wall, right next to where we stood. There were buckets of paint and tarps all around. “They’re painting my room,” he said. He pointed […]