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on Haight Street Sunday morning *** “I’m one of the few people in this city that isn’t a transplant. I’ve spent the majority of my youth here. After turning into an adult I’ve moved around. Places I’ve lived include Hawaii, New York and Albuquerque to name a few. No matter where I’ve lived no place […]


on a rooftop in SOMA Friday noon *** in his words: I’ve recently started collecting pieces of scrap metal I find in the street. I’ve always been a collector, but previously my habit had been limited to Legos or CDs or typewriters — useful things. Now I pick up discarded hunks of rusty metal. This […]


On a rooftop on 24th Street The Mission Friday afternoon *** I grew up with my Egyptian Muslim father and with my Basque-Italian-American Catholic mother, first in Egypt, and then in California, and since 1997 here in San Francisco. All my life I’ve actively participated in different cultures, customs, and languages. I have learned to […]


San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park Friday afternoon *** They say that when you find “the one”, you just know it. Until it happens to you, this sounds absurd. But then it happens and you enter this entire new world of human experience with this feeling that can not be described in any other way […]


Potrero Hill Friday morning*** Hello. My name is Julie and I live in San Francisco. Like many in this town, I’m a transplant – originally hailing from Ohio. Much to the dismay of my mid-western kin, I’ve officially planted roots here – Potrero Hill to be exact – with my husband and 3-year-old boy. Over […]


Lexington Street The Mission

La belle fille

Haight Street *** The rest of la belle fille’s photo shoot.


City Lights Books North Beach Late Friday afternoon *** In his words: My past is buried in saffron-colored Southeast Asia. When I immigrated to the U.S., I brought with me a few tangible memories (for instance, the tessellated satchel from my school years), but I left the rest behind to stew under the hostile sun, […]