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Lilac Alley The Mission Tuesday afternoon *** The City that I Love June 25, 2009 Man in cream colored suit, pedaling away one hand carrying a bouquet of stargazers. Ten-week old soft puppy Hello, welcome to the world You are so golden. A song I, yes, have heard before Drowning in the sea of love […]


Municipal Pier The Marina Friday morning *** San Francisco was the first American city my father landed in from China in the late 1970s. After swimming from mainland China to Hong Kong, he earned enough money to make it to the United States; he came here on a mission to provide a better life for […]


Outside Pirate Cat Radio Cafe 21st Street, The Mission Saturday morning *** Mills College in Oakland was the only college located outside the Midwest I applied to, so naturally I chose it above all others. I left my hometown of Minneapolis in 1996 at the age of seventeen, arriving to pursue my degree and the […]


Alta Plaza Park Pacific Heights Tuesday afternoon *** When I twelve I made a plan. I was going to be a writer and I was going to live in San Francisco. As far as plans for twelve year old girls who love books go, it was not an especially original sort of plan. I didn’t […]


The Marina Thursday morning *** Living on an edge is a must for me. Something to do with my Viking ancestry, no doubt. I was born and raised in Florida, lucky to have a warm beach to walk every day after school or work. When I moved to San Francisco 20 years ago, I fell […]


Near MacLaren Park Excelsior Thursday afternoon *** My Life in Motorcycling I had my first ride on the back of a motorcycle at age 15. I was immediately hooked, but it wasn’t till I’d been living in San Francisco for almost a year that a friend of mine at work happened to mention the MSF […]


Wentworth Alley Chinatown Thursday afternoon *** Too Blessed To Be Stressed I met Lee in 1997. He squatted at the bus stop shelter by my house in San Francisco’s Lower Haight. Lee was a tall, exceptionally fit brother, mid-to-late forties, with natty shoulder-length dreads and a long, scraggly beard to match. He was missing most […]

Rachael and Lili Bean

Noe Valley Wednesday afternoon *** Growing up in Tennessee in the 70s with a single mom, we had an “npr/food co-op/flea market life”. I used to go up and visit Frieda our attic neighbor. All sorts of Technicolor groovy posters hung in her tiny wood paneled apartment. She wore cool bellbottoms and fed me peanut […]