Monthly Archives: May 2009


On a rooftop on O’Farrell The Tenderloin Sunday afternoon *** I’m just as excited to live here in the Tenderloin today, as I was when I first moved here four years ago. I was born in the East Bay, grew up in Seattle and moved to San Jose a year after I graduated from high […]


Inside the Port of San Francisco China Basin Friday afternoon *** There are so many things by which San Francisco is recognized. We have the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the Giants, Lombard Street, Union Square, and Fisherman’s Wharf, among countless other things that appear on postcards. What really defines this city are the people, who […]


On Cole Cole Valley Saturday morning *** There’s something about this place….something about how little cable cars climb big hills…something about how every house is its own piece of art…and something about how escaping to the parks or the other side of a hill puts you in a wonderland far from the city you have […]


Ocean Beach Saturday morning *** I love this city. I’ll admit it: it’s a bit weird. I can’t figure out if it’s a hot city or a cold city, a dry city or a wet city. That’s alright though. This place has some of the best parks for dogs in the world. I can go […]


Ocean Beach Saturday morning*** I’ve been on many beaches, possibly upwards of hundreds. As a surfer and avid traveler, my bare feet have padded across so many sandy dunes that it’s hard to remember them all. However, I’ve never been as mystified or enchanted by any beach like I am by “The Beach,” which has […]