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Somewhere on Page Street Lower Haight Thursday afternoon *** I Live Here, S.F. ~Brent Jordan As I close my eyes to breathe deep the cool morning air, I smile…I live here, S.F. Taking in oxygen which my body then transforms into inspiration that is pumped to every cell of my being leads me to take […]


We met at the corner of Haight and Fillmore. I bought a Street Sheet from him. Around the corner on Fillmore, some young guys were painting a new mural on the wall, right next to where we stood. There were buckets of paint and tarps all around. “They’re painting my room,” he said. He pointed […]


William De Avila Elementary School Haight Street Wednesday morning *** I hate this place. It stinks and it’s dirty and there’s piss everywhere and needles and garbage and yesterday when I went for a run in the park I had to traverse a trail that had been completely covered in used toilet paper. I’ve been […]


On Haight Street Lower Haight Friday afternoon *** My husband wishes I wouldn’t tell people we had an “arranged” marriage. He’d rather say we were “introduced” by family. I suppose he thinks it sounds as though I was forced to marry him. I think “arranged” has a nice ring to it because I know no […]


Tuesday afternoon On Fillmore Street Hayes Valley *** Often times you don’t choose San Francisco, she chooses you. For some it happens the first time they come to The City, while for others it’s the 51st time. Regardless, there’s always a point when suddenly you realize, “I’m going to live here”, and then you go […]


East Portal MUNI stop Lower Haight Saturday morning *** I was born at Mt. Zion hospital, in the old wing at Post and Scott, before San Francisco was a “knowledge center” full of “thought leaders,” in the dead zone between the counterculture revolutions and the technology boom. They don’t have a birth wing any more. […]