Monthly Archives: November 2009


Dear San Francisco, My name is Sadie. If you see me on the street, don’t make any sudden movements. It freaks me out. I am a Mama’s girl, she is paws-down the awesome-est human I have ever smelled (and I sniff like it’s going out of style). The rest of you humans are okay as […]


On Stow Lake Golden Gate Park Monday morning *** There are moments that never fade with time. You can call them up in an instant over years, over decades, and their colors remain as brilliant as ever. It has been ten years now since our big yellow moving truck lumbered out of the Waldo Tunnel […]


In an artist’s loft and workshop Near Folsom and Dore, SOMA Tuesday morning *** Everyone always says, “There’s SOMEthing about San Francisco.” And then they proceed to try to nail it down by making lists of the things that make this city what it is… But you can’t do that and actually capture that something. […]


Off 24th Street The Mission Thursday morning *** San Francisco. You call it what you want. It’s just as simple as that, period. I been here for 27 years; born at General Hospital and been raised here ever since. I told a friend one time “I’m going to buy a house here in the city […]


Near 19th Street Potrero Hill Monday afternoon *** Le mystère Today it’s been 9 years since I moved from Paris to Pacifica, and then San Francisco. I left Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport on November 09 and arrived one day later, after 2 planes broke and the last one missed our last connection in Pittsburg, […]


William De Avila Elementary School Haight Street Wednesday morning *** I hate this place. It stinks and it’s dirty and there’s piss everywhere and needles and garbage and yesterday when I went for a run in the park I had to traverse a trail that had been completely covered in used toilet paper. I’ve been […]


At Central Coffee Tea & Spice On Hayes Monday afternoon *** In 1996 I arrived as a young European tourist to stay indefinitely, to see how things go out there in California. And they did go. Everything from there on is now part of my history and created in this town. I am realizing more […]


On a rooftop off of Post Street The Tenderloin Monday afternoon *** I can tell you the exact place and moment when I first said I was going to move to San Francisco. My friend’s and I had taken the trip from Sacramento to San Francisco, and (as tourists) of course our first stop had […]


In a hallway Somewhere in NOPA Sunday morning *** There was a fullness of life I felt happening here one cold, wet, December trip several years ago. I was visiting Lauren, my muse and oldest best friend who moved to the city directly after finishing her undergrad at UVA. I was a wide-eyed girl from […]