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In an artist’s loft and workshop Near Folsom and Dore, SOMA Tuesday morning *** Everyone always says, “There’s SOMEthing about San Francisco.” And then they proceed to try to nail it down by making lists of the things that make this city what it is… But you can’t do that and actually capture that something. […]


At the front of the Pacific Telephone Building New Montgomery Street, SOMA Wednesday afternoon *** I moved here in 2007, after slowly being drawn to it over ten years in other parts of California and the world. I’d lived in the East Bay and worked in the city, and subletted two summers’ worth of rooms. […]


on a rooftop in SOMA Friday noon *** in his words: I’ve recently started collecting pieces of scrap metal I find in the street. I’ve always been a collector, but previously my habit had been limited to Legos or CDs or typewriters — useful things. Now I pick up discarded hunks of rusty metal. This […]