Monthly Archives: June 2009


Inside the San Francisco Motorcycle Club Folsom Street Wednesday noon *** I first moved to the bay area in 1997. I was burned out at college, so I took a semester off and moved in with some friends in a house in Oakland. Before I went back east to spend my last year in college, […]


On the bed Nob Hill Thursday afternoon *** I first visited San Francisco when I was 16. I was very unhappy growing up in New York City, and San Francisco seemed so clean, colorful, and magical. I knew I would live here someday. That “someday” came in 1996, at a time in my life when […]


On the windowsill Nob Hill Thursday afternoon *** My brother Clyde and I were happy living with our human companion. My stomach would hurt sometimes, and so did Clyde’s, but hey, we were no longer spring chickens. Some wear and tear was to be expected. Then one day our human was gone, and other humans […]


Calhoun Terrace Stairs Telegraph Hill Friday afternoon *** My motto: “Dance, like no one is watching.” I recently figured out the exact moment when I knew I would be a creative adult. It was when I was ten. I got to freestyle in my ballet classes. The piano player would cue music that I hadn’t […]


Tuesday afternoon On Fillmore Street Hayes Valley *** Often times you don’t choose San Francisco, she chooses you. For some it happens the first time they come to The City, while for others it’s the 51st time. Regardless, there’s always a point when suddenly you realize, “I’m going to live here”, and then you go […]


Friday afternoon Somewhere in Bayview *** Native Style “Fashion fades. Style is eternal.” -Yves Saint Laurent San Francisco is unlike any other city in the world. It’s not the epicenter of culture, architecture or fashion. It doesn’t try to be. It doesn’t pretend to be something that it isn’t, something superficial. Fashion is superficial. It […]


Shakespeare’s Garden Golden Gate Park Saturday afternoon *** I first moved out west in 2005 to dance for the now-defunct Oakland Ballet. I had only been to California once before, for four days, so it was quite a leap for me to move here. I remember looking out the airplane window thinking we were landing […]


Somewhere on O’Farrell Street The Tenderloin Sunday morning *** I have only lived in the Tenderloin for the past eight months. Before I came to the Tenderloin, I was homeless. I can’t think of anything worse in the world than being left behind in a vacant house by a family whom I thought loved me. […]


Embarcadero Station Downtown Friday morning*** On any given day in San Francisco: I might be on a Muni bus, elbow to elbow with a little old lady carrying too many grocery bags, right behind a man in a suit checking his iPhone, trying not to bump into the punk rock kids who are late for […]