Troy and Shilpa

At the Thunderdome
In Dogpatch
Saturday afternoon


Hello, my name is Troy. This is my beautiful wife Shilpa. We have lived in San Francisco longer than we haven’t and this is our story…

It was a dark and stormy night. No, I’m just kidding…it was a cold and rainy early morning in March of 2006. It was also my first day at a new job, so I was headed into the Financial District for orientation. In the midst of the morning mist, I got off the 15-Third, and walked down California towards Battery.

As I took the elevator up to the 3rd Floor, I remember feeling nervous about meeting so many new people.

When I arrived at the front desk, the receptionist pointed me in the direction of a big and empty conference room at the end of the hall. I grabbed myself a seat and waited for something to happen.

And the real story begins here: about 15 minutes later, Shilpa walks through the door in cowboy boots and a funky dress. Without words, we acknowledged each other and exchanged smiles. It truly was love at first sight.

A few more minutes passed until one of us got verbal and introduced ourselves. I don’t remember who went first exactly, but it was likely her as I am inherently shy when I meet an extremely attractive girl. Over the next hour we got to know each other as other new hires sporadically rolled through the door and joined us at the table. Days after our first encounter, I heard someone call my name from outside of my new cubicle. It was her!! Nervous, but excited, I made some small talk and took her email address. A few days later I emailed her and got an “Out of Office” response. “Damn!!.” She was in Puerto Rico, so I left a short note in her inbox.

The next week, she emailed me back. Sweet! She wanted me to resize the photos from her trip and recommend a good place to get her Puerto Rico pictures developed. Ummmm, ok. So I sent her the resized files and pointed her to Fox Camera on Market Street.

A few more days went by, and we found ourselves outside of the office, just after work. Hungry, and bad at these things, I asked “Are you hungry??” To which she replied, “Yeah, let’s go to Shalimar and get some food.” Happy to eat with her wherever the hell she wanted, we headed towards Upper Polk, got ourselves a table, and got to talking.

Hours later, we found ourselves on the 1 AX, headed towards the Outer Richmond (where she lived at the time). She wanted to take a walk down to Baker Beach, and I was down.

We walked and talked for what seemed like hours, but was actually about 1 hour exactly. I was at the same time enamored as exhausted. Our day was wrapping up and I really wanted to offer a kiss before we parted ways. As my nerves overpowered my instincts, I left with a simple “goodbye.”

This subtle, yet suggestive back-and-forth went on for the next two months, driving me (and her, I later found out) crazy.

One night weeks later, after a day at the beach and a night of reggae at The Elbo Room, I finally found the nerve to ask the big question: “So what’s up with me and you??”

Well, you can imagine what the answer was, because in a few weeks from today we will celebrate our first anniversary.

To this day, she remains the best thing that ever happened to me.


Troy’s photography can be seen here and his SF photography blog is CALIBER.

You can see the rest of their photo shoot here.


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