Monthly Archives: September 2009


On a big rock Corona Heights Friday afternoon *** This City is hard to love. The first day that I got here I took the bus from San Jose to the Caltrain Station in SOMA. I boarded a bus and quietly sat in my seat. I had just moved from San Diego and was suitably […]


On the Seward Slides Seward Street @ Douglass Saturday morning *** Over 10 years ago I moved to this city, and I’m glad to be living here. There’s always something to be experienced, and moments to be observed. Once observed in SF: Once, I found myself standing in line behind Lawrence Ferlinghetti at the North […]


Outside Groove Records The Apex (where the Mission, Upper Market, and Hayes Valley meet) Friday morning *** I was destined to live in San Francisco based on one of the earliest stories I remember from my childhood. My dad and his brother-in-law took a day trip to the city when I was a toddler, and […]

Yo-Yo Joe

At St. Ignatius, USF Campus Parker Avenue side Sunday afternoon *** “All those yoyo fanatics in America need to be represented by you, on this show. And it’s a YES from me!” ~ Sharon Osbourne, America’s Got Talent Judge. I was born and raised in San Francisco until I was 4. My parents decided to […]


Bartol Street North Beach Saturday afternoon *** Born and raised in San Francisco, I know it well. Certain streets have very clear memories for me. Moments locked in time, and triggered into view when I pass those streets. For instance, Masonic and Oak Street, Summer of ’67: seeing and meeting Mitch, Noel, and Jimi Hendrix. […]


Gold Alley North Beach Saturday afternoon *** San Francisco is home. I was born and raised here, in the Inner Sunset, actually Forest Hills. Born and raised on rock and roll. As I travel throughout the world, enjoying every minute of it, I never tire of looking out the airplane window and seeing San Francisco […]


Behind the Amtrak station The Embarcadero Tuesday after work *** In 1999 I lived in Michigan and there were only two things I want to do with my life: be a DJ and a bike messenger in San Francisco. I graduated college and got a job offer that I postponed for the summer. I hopped […]


Inside the Spreckels’ Temple of Music (aka the bandshell) Music Concourse, Golden Gate Park Sunday afternoon *** It’s 1992 and I have to get out of here. I’m in Denver, feeling none to good about life and in a failed relationship. I actually received a decent tax refund that year, and figured that if I […]


On Haight Street Lower Haight Friday afternoon *** My husband wishes I wouldn’t tell people we had an “arranged” marriage. He’d rather say we were “introduced” by family. I suppose he thinks it sounds as though I was forced to marry him. I think “arranged” has a nice ring to it because I know no […]


The Women’s Building, Lapidge Street side The Mission Thursday afternoon *** Some cities are like love affairs, beginning with butterflies and thrills, then going through adjustments where you aren’t sure if this is the relationship you want at all, and finally to the realization that this force (or person, or city) has completely changed you […]