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Somewhere on Page Street Lower Haight Thursday afternoon *** I Live Here, S.F. ~Brent Jordan As I close my eyes to breathe deep the cool morning air, I smile…I live here, S.F. Taking in oxygen which my body then transforms into inspiration that is pumped to every cell of my being leads me to take […]


The Lyon Street Steps Pacific Heights Sunday morning *** I bike here. My daily life without my bicycle and my coffee would be like a Martin Scorsese film without the music of the Rolling Stones. Riding a bicycle has done a tremendous therapy to the soul and moved my eyes through a myriad of wonderful […]


On Dolores The Mission Thursday morning *** Tales from never neverland As I write this, the sound of revellery (in the form of two combating sets of repetitive beats) drifts in through my faux-Victorian windows. I’m perched on a hillside, a stunning and sunny view of downtown from my window, next to the infamous Dolores […]