Monthly Archives: July 2009


On Sutter Street NOPA Saturday afternoon *** my name is roo and i love and hate pigeons! don’t know but i have to be near them! i love sniffing poop and also i always want cheese and i will sit and wait until you give me some of that carnitas. the days that mom and […]


Outside the Macedonia Baptist Church on Sutter NOPA Saturday afternoon *** i grew up in this city, skinning my knees on geary, pecking with trepidation at dim sum, skipping around the richmond district to fetch after-school candy, swaddled in fleece at nightgames at candlestick, sleeping on my floor of my parents’ bedroom for weeks after […]


St. Boniface Golden Gate Avenue, The Tenderloin Friday noon *** I want to tell you about The Tenderloin. My version of the Tenderloin. The Tenderloin can be a rough place, but I see a lot of little miracles here every day. I certainly do not want to romanticize the difficult things that the people of […]


Outside Hospitality House Turk Street, The Tenderloin Friday noon *** Michael passed by as I was taking photos of a new subject for i live here:SF. He asked if he could be a part, so of course I said yes. Michael is a San Francisco native. He grew up in the Fillmore and watched it […]


Near the fountain in Levi’s Plaza The Embarcadero Thursday noon *** I grew up in San Francisco. I wasn’t born here, but I grew up here. In September of 1991, just one month before my 21st birthday, I left the smoggy sun of Southern California for the best City in the world. In San Francisco […]


At the front of the Pacific Telephone Building New Montgomery Street, SOMA Wednesday afternoon *** I moved here in 2007, after slowly being drawn to it over ten years in other parts of California and the world. I’d lived in the East Bay and worked in the city, and subletted two summers’ worth of rooms. […]