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Bartol Street North Beach Saturday afternoon *** Born and raised in San Francisco, I know it well. Certain streets have very clear memories for me. Moments locked in time, and triggered into view when I pass those streets. For instance, Masonic and Oak Street, Summer of ’67: seeing and meeting Mitch, Noel, and Jimi Hendrix. […]


Gold Alley North Beach Saturday afternoon *** San Francisco is home. I was born and raised here, in the Inner Sunset, actually Forest Hills. Born and raised on rock and roll. As I travel throughout the world, enjoying every minute of it, I never tire of looking out the airplane window and seeing San Francisco […]


At Mario’s on Columbus North Beach Friday afternoon *** Bimbo’s. So we were all in line at Bimbo’s. It was probably 1999, because so many of my friends still lived here. We were carefree, and we took cabs. It was the North Beach Jazz Fest, that much I remember, but I have no idea who […]


Calhoun Terrace Stairs Telegraph Hill Friday afternoon *** My motto: “Dance, like no one is watching.” I recently figured out the exact moment when I knew I would be a creative adult. It was when I was ten. I got to freestyle in my ballet classes. The piano player would cue music that I hadn’t […]


City Lights Books North Beach Late Friday afternoon *** In his words: My past is buried in saffron-colored Southeast Asia. When I immigrated to the U.S., I brought with me a few tangible memories (for instance, the tessellated satchel from my school years), but I left the rest behind to stew under the hostile sun, […]