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Dear San Francisco, My name is Sadie. If you see me on the street, don’t make any sudden movements. It freaks me out. I am a Mama’s girl, she is paws-down the awesome-est human I have ever smelled (and I sniff like it’s going out of style). The rest of you humans are okay as […]


At Central Coffee Tea & Spice On Hayes Monday afternoon *** In 1996 I arrived as a young European tourist to stay indefinitely, to see how things go out there in California. And they did go. Everything from there on is now part of my history and created in this town. I am realizing more […]


In a hallway Somewhere in NOPA Sunday morning *** There was a fullness of life I felt happening here one cold, wet, December trip several years ago. I was visiting Lauren, my muse and oldest best friend who moved to the city directly after finishing her undergrad at UVA. I was a wide-eyed girl from […]


On Sutter Street NOPA Saturday afternoon *** my name is roo and i love and hate pigeons! don’t know but i have to be near them! i love sniffing poop and also i always want cheese and i will sit and wait until you give me some of that carnitas. the days that mom and […]


Outside the Macedonia Baptist Church on Sutter NOPA Saturday afternoon *** i grew up in this city, skinning my knees on geary, pecking with trepidation at dim sum, skipping around the richmond district to fetch after-school candy, swaddled in fleece at nightgames at candlestick, sleeping on my floor of my parents’ bedroom for weeks after […]


in NOPA Friday afternoon *** We belong somewhere like this. Those were the words I wrote in an email to my husband, Brent, inspired by San Francisco on my first business trip to the city. Several years passed and my passion for the city intensified, eventually spreading deep through Brent as well. We were sick […]