In Osage Street The Mission Wednesday morning *** My San Francisco story includes at least two distinct chapters so far. In chapter one, for the first sixteen years of my life here, I sat in a room in the middle of the night, pushed buttons and listened to public radio programs. Five nights a week, […]

Gregory and Xeno

On the corner of 16th and Valencia The Mission Monday afternoon *** Xeno, Baby. Xeno was born in December, on the darkest day of the year. The air had that cold, damp, satiny gray brume that lets you know the North Pacific will be there far, far longer than any of us. Everything was still. […]


Orange Alley The Mission Friday afternoon *** Somehow, after writing about this city on a daily basis, I find writing about my own life here oddly challenging. There’s no point in writing about how much I love the city, I obviously do, even since I was a little kid, watching 49ers and Giants games on […]


On Dolores The Mission Thursday morning *** Tales from never neverland As I write this, the sound of revellery (in the form of two combating sets of repetitive beats) drifts in through my faux-Victorian windows. I’m perched on a hillside, a stunning and sunny view of downtown from my window, next to the infamous Dolores […]


Off 24th Street The Mission Thursday morning *** San Francisco. You call it what you want. It’s just as simple as that, period. I been here for 27 years; born at General Hospital and been raised here ever since. I told a friend one time “I’m going to buy a house here in the city […]