In an artist’s loft and workshop
Near Folsom and Dore, SOMA
Tuesday morning


Everyone always says, “There’s SOMEthing about San Francisco.” And then they proceed to try to nail it down by making lists of the things that make this city what it is… But you can’t do that and actually capture that something. Maybe because it’s different for everyone. Maybe it’s not actually something and people just need to justify why they live in a loud, crowded, dirty city with a bunch of loud, crazy people.

For me, it’s the pulse. This city is a living breathing thing that feeds creative energy into the lives of the people who live here. There’s a constant need to produce, to do things, to make art, to make science, to marry the two to each other and to make things Interesting. There are places in this city that you’d never could have dreamed existed. There are people in this city that defy the laws of common social nature. And they’re all proud to be who they are and excited about what they do. It’s a city of life filled with alcoves of hidden art, cultures from all over the world, and people with zillions (yes, zillions) of stories. It’s a colossal panoply of universes all laying one on top of the other and we are here in the middle of it all, eyes rolling, mouth stretched taught with glee and in awe of everyday life.

I fall in love with someone or something in this city at least once a day. I’ve never experienced that before I moved here. And I wouldn’t give that experience up for anything.

I’m a menswear designer. Something, had you asked me 5 years ago, I would have never considered doing. This city found this passion in me.

I dance and perform. Something I would have never had the courage to do if it weren’t for the people in this city who drew it out of me.

I make art for people to play in and to change perspectives on the possibilities at hand. And if it weren’t for the other artists defying logic and pushing possibilities, I would have never thought to try.

For the first time in my 27 years, I found a place that feels like home. A place that I can always come back to and feel comfortable with friends who are excited to see me. This is why I live here.


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  1. AphotoAday
    Posted November 22, 2009 at 3:47 pm | Permalink

    That's a wonderful set, Julie… I keep getting these most terrible crushes on these terribly pretty women you keep photographing… It's early, so I think I have it all under control this morning, but you've gotta realize what you can do to a guy when you go around pointing that camera at pretty ladies…

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