Inside the Marsh Theatre
Valencia Street
Sunday afternoon


My name is Cari, and I’ve been a San Franciscan for four months, one week, and six days.

I move around a lot. I’ve lived in three countries, dozens of cities, and I’ve visited just about everywhere at least once. In my four months, one week, and six days in San Francisco, I’ve already had two different addresses.

But I’ve never lived somewhere like this. I’m still shocked that I can go to work, take a yoga class, meet some friends for dinner, see a show, and make it home without ever getting in a car. How is that possible? Every day, I try to take a different route to work and I find something different each time. (Today’s discovery: vintage hats for $12, just down the street from work!)

About eight months ago, I fell in love with a boy and the city he lived in. I moved here to be with them both. After a little while, the boy and I stopped seeing each other, but the city and I grew ever closer. Without my tour guide, I was worried I’d be lost in the city alone. But San Francisco took me in.

In four months (etc.), I’ve made more good friends here than I ever had elsewhere. I go out more often; I find more things to do. The city draws me out and makes anything seem possible. I was afraid I’d be swallowed whole, but just the opposite is true. For example: I’ve been trying for years to put my theater degree to good use, and to no avail. Two weeks after I moved here, I saw a cute little theater on Valencia and 22nd, gave them a call, and a week later I was working for The Marsh. Just like that.

This city means something different to everyone. That’s part of its magic. To me, it’s a blank slate, a followed dream, and a great love (or two).

I think I’ll stay a while this time.


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