Potrero Hill
Friday morning***

Hello. My name is Julie and I live in San Francisco. Like many in this town, I’m a transplant – originally hailing from Ohio. Much to the dismay of my mid-western kin, I’ve officially planted roots here – Potrero Hill to be exact – with my husband and 3-year-old boy. Over the years my lengthy response to their enduring question – “When are you coming home?” – has evolved into one simple word: never. I still don’t think they get it.

Raising a family in San Francisco is a challenge. It’s expensive, the school system sucks and we trip over ourselves in our tiny house. While many friends have fled for the bucolic family life the suburbs provide, we’ve committed to persevere. There’s a life force of energy and creativity in San Francisco that I wouldn’t trade for any amount of money or square footage.

When I’m not being ‘Mom’, I’m running a business and blogging about my obsession – music. I am also in the process of completing studies for another passion of mine – clothing patternmaking and design. Add to my resume, ‘Patternmaker’, and my current string of titles looks something like this – Mom/Entrepreneur/High Tech Marketing Maven/ Blogger/Patternmaker. Or maybe I should just shorten it to: Cliché – typical San Francisco overachiever.
My Music Blog: http://www.theocmd.com

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